For all multihulls up to 32 feet

Collaborating to innovate

Architects, boat builders and sailors accompany us on each project. These collaborations have enabled us, for example, to create the C152 profile, F18 reference. They also helped us to design the C200 and C220 with an integrated luff track. This innovation allows the large boats to be fitted with a choice of bolt ropes, slides or friction cars.

AG+ Spars has been developing and producing multihull rigging since the beginning. We offer a complete range of masts for your multihulls. Our spars are distinguished by their outstanding finish and every detail that will allow you to optimize your gliding and speed sensations.

Aluminium and carbon masts adapted to your ambitions.


From small catamarans to 32 ft trimarans, we develop masts that will meet your expectations


An adapted mast performs well: it gives you the feeling of gliding and speed in all circumstances


A unique range of wing profiles for multihulls

Ease of use

From the system for single and double-handed sailors to the external rail that facilitates the hoisting of the mainsail: sail with simplicity

Solutions for every project

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