Complete set for Optimist, mast + boom + sprit

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AG+ Spars ranges allow Optimist sailors to be equiped with a very good aluminum 7075 T6 and a better anodization. For many years, we improved our masts regarding the production and the quality of the components. Every cleats and blocks are fixed in the best position to help the sailors.

S7 and S8, two masts, two different stiffness

S7 and S8 have the best range of fittings and anodization. S7 is the medium stiffness for light to medium sailors or every good competitor who are looking for an easy mast. S8 is the stiffest mast (15% more than S7) offering a maximum power for heavy Optimist sailors.

We did a very good work with the fittings to change very easily the shape of the sail. 

One stiff boom

We suggest a 45mm stiff boom. Three points to fix the main sail sheet which will change the bending. One point to increase the bend, two points to keep the stiffness of the boom. Stiff, it will answer quickly to the movement of the helm.

Two sprits

One light and soft sprit open the sail for light helm and one stiff for heavy sailor to keep the power. The new light and soft is very nervous will be liked also by very good sailors who want a stiff mast but a dynamic luff in the strong wind and very choppy sea.