In 10 years we have developed this activity and became the leader racing aluminum masts for yachts up to 35 feet. Recognized for our expertise, our range of high performance products, quality installation and use of materials of high quality . We design new systems constantly, to improve the performance and functionality of our products.

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  • 2.4 mR

    Damien Seguin 2.4 mR

    The 2.4 mR is a sport keelboat which was used in the Paraolympics game between 2000 and 2016.


    Olympic Games - Athènes

    Damien SEGUIN

  • Miniji
  • First Class 7.50
  • GO Neptune
  • Microsail
  • Muscadet

    This boat was designed by Philippe Harlé with a lenght of 6.40 meters. It's the beginning of the Minis.

  • Platu 25
    Platu 25 Lightweight with small angle of entrance, she is fast in all conditions but demanding for the crew. Unlike the Mumm 30 construction is simple, no epoxy but polyester, no lead in the keel and no carbon for the spars. Originally designed for IMS, One-design class Platu 25 is very active and has been recognized by ISAF in 2006.
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